Space & Migraines—No Man’s Sky SS | EP04

In my most recent episode I finally visit the Atlas Interface where I’m able to learn some new words and come away with an Atlas Stone. Spent the early part of the stream discussing a tip which was brought to my attention on how better to install technology to your starship, exosuit, and multitool. Definitely something I plan to pay more attention to moving forward to make better use of my technology. After warping to another system I come across a space anomaly and begin exploring the new system’s planets while pounding the caffeine to keep the migraines away.

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Exploring a Violet Sky—No Man’s Sky SS | EP03

Where else can you visit a system illuminated by an intense violet color, explore a planet whose landscape defies our own planet’s gravity, and discover a moon full of lush vegetation and huge bodies of water? Continue reading Exploring a Violet Sky—No Man’s Sky SS | EP03

When Sentinels Attack! No Man’s Sky SS | EP02

Evil sentinels galore in this episode of my No Man’s Sky Stream Series! This is by far the most hostile group of sentinels I’ve come across while trying to discover all of the species on the planet Sountiness Listei. We discuss whether some Twitch channels are putting too much importance on chat moderation, the upcoming release of Return to Arkham, and a few other things. Check back later this week for episode 3, thanks for watching!

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A Look Back at the Batman: Arkham Series

Rocksteady Studios did the impossible in 2009 when they released Batman: Arkham Asylum to the world, drastically altering our perception of how good a video game featuring iconic heroes and villains could actually be. Fast forward another two years to the release of Batman: Arkham City and Rocksteady has firmly cemented themselves as some of the best developers in the world, releasing a sequel that expands on it’s predecessor in every way. Soon after Arkham City’s release, Rocksteady turned it’s attention to what would be the third and final act of the series—Batman: Arkham Knight. With a number of years in between titles, WB Games took the opportunity to publish a prequel to Arkham Asylum titled Batman: Arkham Origins. Enlisting the help of WB Games Montreal they released a title that despite receiving lots of criticism, generally lived up the rest of the series and in some ways even improved upon it. Continue reading A Look Back at the Batman: Arkham Series

Today is Alien Day!

The Alien franchise has long been considered one of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time. Despite some horrible entries to the series that don’t deserve any mention beyond this, the film “Alien” and it’s sequel “Aliens” still continue to wow viewers and provide inspiration to the sci-fi genre across all types of mediums after 30 years. That’s why April 26 (LV426) has taken on the title of “Alien Day” to give us reason for some quasi-celebration of the series. No doubt it’s the genius plot of marketing heads the world over, but it’s all in good fun so relax. So what should you be doing to celebrate that inner Xenomorph today?

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04.11.2016 | Updates from Valhalla

It’s been about a month since my last entry and the ideas of what to write about keep piling up, with no actual attempt of writing about any of them in sight. So let’s just skim the surface on just what the hell has been happening in the past month since I last wrote about Street Fighter V and the state it was in a month after it’s release.

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Street Fighter V: One Month Later

In case you haven’t heard, Street Fighter V (SFV) is a solid installment in the long running series despite launching with minimal amounts of content. The graphics and animation are incredibly smooth and colorful, achieving a painting like quality that causes my eyes to bleed each time I pull off any given character’s super move. More importantly the gameplay is what we’ve come to expect from a series that’s been virtually perfect since it took the arcades (remember those?) by storm 25 years ago.

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Alien Bursts Out of Mortal Kombat X!

Netherrealm Studios (NRS) revealed on it’s Twitch channel yesterday the final kombatant that will join the Mortal Kombat X roster come March 1. Having terrorized Ellen Ripley in the deep recesses of space for more than three decades in film, the Alien xenomorph now turns it’s attention to the cast of Mortal Kombat X.

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The Dead Walk—Resident Evil Zero HD REVIEW

Resident Evil Zero HD (hereafter ReZero) is another rereleased title from Capcom that first appeared on the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2002. Following the success of last year’s Resident Evil rerelease, ReZero claws it’s way back from the dead with high-definition visuals on  all the latest consoles. If you weren’t already a fan of the multi-million copy selling franchise, no amount of zombies in this game are going to turn you into one. However, any long time fan who’s been letdown by the more action-oriented Resident Evil titles from the last few years may find something to sink their teeth into here.
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