Month of Evil (Part 2) – Resident Evil HD Remake

*This is part 2 of a five-part series detailing five games that you absolutely have to check out this month leading up to Halloween. Be sure to read Month of Evil (Part 1) – Alien: Isolation.

Resident Evil HD Remake

Resident Evil HD Remake is a return to the catalyst of survival-horror games. This iteration comes fully loaded with 720/1080P video support, a respectful update to the graphics, and a few extras not found in the original. Save for a new control scheme, that I don’t recommend, this game is exactly as it was a little over a decade ago. As S.T.A.R.S. members Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, you’re thrust into a world of horror where you’ll uncover the truth about a deadly virus outbreak that’s wreaked havoc on a remote mansion in the mountains.  

Welcome to the world of survival-horror. Limited weapons, ammunition, and an absence of any automatic save points is enough to keep you from playing it loose. The hallways and rooms are populated by zombies, mutated dogs, and all sorts of other grisly creatures that will stop you dead in your tracks if you’re not careful. Clearing a room full of enemies is nothing to pat yourself on the back for either. Return later and you may find “dead” zombies reanimated into a Crimson Head, or replaced by an entirely new enemy altogether. You’ll soon realize that killing every enemy you encounter is futile and that only proper item management and strategically picking your battles will help you survive.

Resident Evil HD Remake is still the best survival-horror title out right now. Despite some funny dialogue, the storytelling is top-notch with characters stuck in a “haunted house” fighting for their lives against the undead. It really doesn’t get any better than that. Director Shinji Mikami is a master of pacing and escalation, and it’s on full display here with enemy types and environments that change throughout the course of the game in a logical progression. Several weapons and various game modes are available after one completion which adds to the replay value immensely. Invisible Enemy mode anyone? Resident Evil HD Remake is my all time favorite survival-horror title and one that’ll keep you plenty scared and entertained this Halloween.

*Thanks for reading the second part to my Month of Evil series! Hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments if you played and what you thought of Resident Evil HD Remake. Look for Month of Evil (Part 3) later this week and come watch me stream these games live on my Twitch Channel: ValhallaX27!

5 thoughts on “Month of Evil (Part 2) – Resident Evil HD Remake

    1. Thanks Mjolnir! I just finished up The Evil Within last night (Youtube videos incoming) and will start up Resident Evil this evening. Should be on no later than 1130PM your time.


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