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Space & Migraines—No Man’s Sky SS | EP04

In my most recent episode I finally visit the Atlas Interface where I’m able to learn some new words and come away with an Atlas Stone. Spent the early part of the stream discussing a tip which was brought to my attention on how better to install technology to your starship, exosuit, and multitool. Definitely something I plan to pay more attention to moving forward to make better use of my technology. After warping to another system I come across a space anomaly and begin exploring the new system’s planets while pounding the caffeine to keep the migraines away.

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Exploring a Violet Sky—No Man’s Sky SS | EP03

Where else can you visit a system illuminated by an intense violet color, explore a planet whose landscape defies our own planet’s gravity, and discover a moon full of lush vegetation and huge bodies of water? Continue reading Exploring a Violet Sky—No Man’s Sky SS | EP03

When Sentinels Attack! No Man’s Sky SS | EP02

Evil sentinels galore in this episode of my No Man’s Sky Stream Series! This is by far the most hostile group of sentinels I’ve come across while trying to discover all of the species on the planet Sountiness Listei. We discuss whether some Twitch channels are putting too much importance on chat moderation, the upcoming release of Return to Arkham, and a few other things. Check back later this week for episode 3, thanks for watching!

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