04.11.2016 | Updates from Valhalla

It’s been about a month since my last entry and the ideas of what to write about keep piling up, with no actual attempt of writing about any of them in sight. So let’s just skim the surface on just what the hell has been happening in the past month since I last wrote about Street Fighter V and the state it was in a month after it’s release.

Street Fighter V (SFV) Received it’s First Update: Speaking of SFV, players were finally treated to their first and much anticipated update. You can now purchase costumes, colors, and characters from the in-game store. For the time being you’ll be able to play Alex without having to purchase him. For how long is anyone’s guess so save up that Fight Money! A much needed Challenge Mode is also now available that tasks the player with ten combos that become harder as you reach the end. Battle Lounges now have a spectate mode and online ranked matches now allow you to play the best two out of three. Overall the update is a step in the right direction but single player content is still severely lacking.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Released: Was it perfect? No, definitely not. Was it as bad as all of the reviews leading up to it’s release, no way. While there was plenty to pick on, BvS delivered where a lot of other comic book films seem to fail. There was a good amount of character development and it was more mature than what we’re usually treated to when it comes to comic book films. Will the Justice League movies pan out? Who knows. Am I excited for the next Batman only film starring Ben Affleck? Yes, definitely. Will I ever provide a full review of BvS? No comment, no comment. . .

Dark Souls 3 Drops Tomorrow: Maybe it was buyer’s remorse but all the way up until I received the shipping confirmation for my copy of Dark Souls 3 I thought I might put it off for a future purchase. Oh well, I can’t deny my excitement for the game. Both the Souls series and Bloodborne are incredibly fun. The game’s appeal is definitely in it’s hands off approach, allowing the player to be punished for carelessness and learn (hopefully) from them. The truly amazing thing about Dark Souls is the community that has formed from it. Players will no doubt congregate on online forums to share their experiences as well as their discoveries which will in hand help other players.

Kommunity Throwdown: Speaking of communities, err “kommunities,” there’s been an awesome kommunity on the rise in the last few weeks on my stream. Thanks to Mortal Kombat X’s (MKX) built in King of the Hill rooms, I’ve been able to get viewers playing online with me and as well as getting other players from the room to join my stream. The amount of great players that have come through has been staggering and if my King of the Hill score is any indication, it’s also been very humbling. Best of all it’s been a testament to the amount of good sportsmanship that actually exists online. Every player that has come through the hill and/or stream has been awesome to interact with and I hope to make some things happen on the stream that’ll keep everyone coming back.

Wow, that wasn’t so hard now was it! Maybe I should write like this more often? Thanks for reading, leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about Street Fighter V and Dark Souls 3 (or any Souls games for that matter) and I hope to see you all in Kommunity Throwdown soon!


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