Month of Evil (Part 5) – P.T. aka Silent Hills

*This is part 5 of a five-part series detailing five games that you absolutely have to check out this month leading up to Halloween. Be sure to read Month of Evil (Part 4) – The Walking Dead.

Not really so much a game, but more of a proof of concept for the next title in the long running Silent Hill series. Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Torro, and Norman Reedus were all signed up for what might have been an absolute terror fest, judging from this “demo.” It wasn’t to be however, Konami closed the book on Silent Hills by firing Hideo Kojima (vacation they call it) and shutting down the project. 

This is by far the most frightening and uncomfortable game I’ve ever played. No title screen, no tutorials, and no explanations. You awake in a room and are left to figure things out on your own, which is nothing short of haunting to say the least. The details are scarce, but you’ll overhear clues over the radio and messages relating to spontaneous murder sprees with no explanation. As you continue to push forward in hopes of leaving this hellish hallway once and for all, you’ll soon realize you’ve inadvertently released something that now follows you. Should you fall victim to this evil, you’ll be treated to a gruesome death, and forced to continue the nightmare from the same very room which you began.

P.T. is truly horrifying. Several play-throughs later and I’m still so intrigued, yet frightened, to enter into this hallway once more in hopes of understanding just what the hell happened here. Despite it’s very short length, there is so much here to sink your teeth into. Depending on how you solve the “puzzles,” you may end up with slightly different experiences. Anyone who wasn’t able to download this before it’s unfortunate exile from the PSN marketplace must find a way to play this game. No single game has ever had such an impact on my fears as this one.

*Thanks for reading the fifth and final part to my Month of Evil series! Hope you enjoyed it and thanks so much for following my blog and streams, let me know in the comments if you played and what you thought of P.T. aka Silent Hills. Happy Halloween and be sure to come watch me stream these games live on my Twitch Channel: ValhallaX27!

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