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A Look Back at the Batman: Arkham Series

Rocksteady Studios did the impossible in 2009 when they released Batman: Arkham Asylum to the world, drastically altering our perception of how good a video game featuring iconic heroes and villains could actually be. Fast forward another two years to the release of Batman: Arkham City and Rocksteady has firmly cemented themselves as some of the best developers in the world, releasing a sequel that expands on it’s predecessor in every way. Soon after Arkham City’s release, Rocksteady turned it’s attention to what would be the third and final act of the series—Batman: Arkham Knight. With a number of years in between titles, WB Games took the opportunity to publish a prequel to Arkham Asylum titled Batman: Arkham Origins. Enlisting the help of WB Games Montreal they released a title that despite receiving lots of criticism, generally lived up the rest of the series and in some ways even improved upon it. Continue reading A Look Back at the Batman: Arkham Series

Batman: Arkham Knight September Update Trailer is Here!

A new trailer showcasing the September DLC content for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released. The trailer shows off some awesome destruction in the Tumbler Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s film trilogy and the new GCPD: Lockdown story mission. Players will take on the role as Nightwing to prevent the Penguin’s escape from the GCPD in this all new adventure taking place after the events of Arkham City. Continue reading Batman: Arkham Knight September Update Trailer is Here!