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Resident Evil Zero HD – Pre-Shamble Raffle!

Resident Evil Zero HD will make it’s next-gen debut across all consoles on Tuesday, January 19. Just like the last Resident Evil HD rerelease, I’ll be there flexing my tank-control muscles to survive the onslaught of zombies shuffling my way. This time however, will be a little different noble readers. Continue reading Resident Evil Zero HD – Pre-Shamble Raffle!

PSX 2015 Keynote Gripes

Last weekend Sony hosted their 2nd annual Playstation Experience (PSX) event in San Francisco to thousands of attendees. I was lucky enough to be able to make the trip over to San Francisco to attend. What would Sony unveil during their keynote on Saturday? Would they discuss backwards compatibly with the PS2? Would Sony’s flagship series God of War finally get an announcement for it’s fourth installment? After queuing in line for nearly two hours along with countless others, I sat down to listen to just what Sony had in store for us. Continue reading PSX 2015 Keynote Gripes

Salty Friendship Ep.17 Tonight!

Be sure to tune in to tonight’s episode of Salty Friendship live on Twitch at 9PM PDT to watch NINJASFORHIRE and I team up (for once) and go head-to-head with the monsters of Shear. Ninja just recently purchased Evolve from the PSN during their recent flash sale for a meager $20, which includes both Hunting Season passes 1 & 2 if I’m not mistaken. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Evolve has continued to receive all sorts of balancing updates as well as both paid and free DLC to keep me coming back for more. If you’re on the fence about this game and want to see what it’s all about, or just want to see a couple of salty friends try and solve their issues by hunting monsters then be sure to check out the stream tonight and drop us a line in the chat!

Decide My Next Game Purchase!

*UPDATE: The people have spoken! All four of them to be exact. Fallout 4 nabbed the majority of the vote, so that will be my next game purchase!

There comes a time when there are just too many damn good games out there that I want to play and I simply can’t make up my mind on which one to  throw my money towards. So help me out by voting here for my next game purchase!

Continue reading Decide My Next Game Purchase!

Salty Friendship Turns 13!

Salty Friendship returns this evening with another healthy serving of superhero throwdowns! Even though we’re just about to get started with episode 13 of Salty Friendship, my good nemesis NINJASF0RHIRE and I both would be quick to point out that this salty friendship actually started more than a decade ago. Continue reading Salty Friendship Turns 13!