MKX Enhanced Online Beta Sign Ups Next Week

NetherRealm Studios (NRS) announced via Twitter today a new Mortal Kombat X–Enhanced Online Beta, which users can sign up for starting Tuesday, January 19.

As hinted at earlier this week on Ed Boons Twitter feed, NRS has confirmed that Mortal Kombat X will be adopting something similar to the “GGPO” model for online gaming.  Described as a “roll back, simulate forward model,” it will allow for smoother gameplay and reduced lag. Mortal Kombat X currently uses a “dynamic input latency model,” which apparently isn’t cutting the mustard for online players.

Sign-ups will begin on Tuesday, January 19 at (stop pressing F5!) and the only requirement for entry is to have logged one hour (easy enough) of online play on Mortal Kombat X. Only four characters will be available from the start; Jacquie Briggs; Johnny Cage; Scorpion; Sub-Zero.

Good to see NRS improving the online code for it’s players, I’ll be looking to get into the beta next Tuesday and hope you do too!

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