Salty Friendship Ep.17 Tonight!

Be sure to tune in to tonight’s episode of Salty Friendship live on Twitch at 9PM PDT to watch NINJASFORHIRE and I team up (for once) and go head-to-head with the monsters of Shear. Ninja just recently purchased Evolve from the PSN during their recent flash sale for a meager $20, which includes both Hunting Season passes 1 & 2 if I’m not mistaken. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Evolve has continued to receive all sorts of balancing updates as well as both paid and free DLC to keep me coming back for more. If you’re on the fence about this game and want to see what it’s all about, or just want to see a couple of salty friends try and solve their issues by hunting monsters then be sure to check out the stream tonight and drop us a line in the chat!

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