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Sony Announces Collaboration with Kojima Productions

Earlier this evening Sony announced via it’s Playstation Twitter account that they would be collaborating with none other than famed Hideo Kojima and his newly formed independent studio, Kojima Productions. Continue reading Sony Announces Collaboration with Kojima Productions

Epic Game Deals—Destiny: The Taken King for $29.99

Amazon is selling Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition today only for the sweet price of $29.99. If you’re like me and have been holding out for a good great deal before picking up Destiny then now might be the time. The Taken King includes the core game, expansion 1 & 2, and of course the new adventure The Taken King. This is one of those few times I can pat myself on the back for not purchasing this game and all it’s content when it originally came out and enjoy it all for a fraction of the price. Looking forward to some Sparrow Racing League this Christmas!

Salty Friendship Turns 13!

Salty Friendship returns this evening with another healthy serving of superhero throwdowns! Even though we’re just about to get started with episode 13 of Salty Friendship, my good nemesis NINJASF0RHIRE and I both would be quick to point out that this salty friendship actually started more than a decade ago. Continue reading Salty Friendship Turns 13!

Five PS1 Titles You Still Need to Play

Sony celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the original Playstation last month and there was plenty of nostalgia to go around with special discounts on PS1 titles, limited edition 20th anniversary gear, and all sorts of social media activity. The original Playstation really shook things up with its awesome hardware, giving developers the chance to bring new and various types of games to market. This resulted in several different genres to choose from, offering players new experiences not yet available prior to the Sony Playstation. Here are five PS1 titles that any video game enthusiast should still play. Continue reading Five PS1 Titles You Still Need to Play