R. Mika Suplexes Her Way into SFV

Capcom just recently released another SFV trailer featuring Rainbow Mika. Mika last appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and will be joining the SFV cast with a sidekick as seen in the video. It’s good to see Capcom pulling from older titles, we’ll have to wait and see who else they include in the lineup. Fingers crossed for Urien and Twelve!

2 thoughts on “R. Mika Suplexes Her Way into SFV

    1. Thanks for the comment! Mika’s features certainly are exaggerated but that’s sort of the appeal of Japanese character design found in some anime and video games. Whether it’s the hair, eyes, or other more prominent features you’re easily able to recognize these characters based on their features. And yes, sex absolutely does sell 🙂


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