Month of Evil (Part 4) – The Walking Dead

*This is part 4 of a five-part series detailing five games that you absolutely have to check out this month leading up to Halloween. Be sure to read Month of Evil (Part 3) – The Evil Within.

An incredibly well written and soul crushing spinoff of the successful comic book and TV adaptation of the same name. Traditional gameplay elements take a back seat to story telling and the decisions you make that effect those around you. As Lee Everett, you’ll become the caretaker of Clementine, a girl left all alone in the chaos, and develop an unforgettable relationship with her on your journey to find a safe haven.
A truly human element pervades this game from start to finish. Hard choices will have to be made throughout the game that involve picking sides or who to save when only one can be saved. Those around you will react differently towards you after you’ve made these tough decisions. Some will sympathize but others may hate you for your actions. Even when trying to always be “good,” you’ll ultimately have to realize that keeping everyone happy just isn’t in the cards.

A running theme in The Walking Dead comics is the threat of other humans during the zombie outbreak, and that carries over to the game as well. You’ll run into characters who may be competing with your group for food and supplies, or worse. After your first bad run in with another group of survivors, you’ll start wondering who’s worse. The dead, or the living?

The Walking Dead game is the closest thing to a “choose-your-own-adventure” novel that I used to read all the time when I was younger. There’s something really cool about the idea that your character has such a hold on the events taking place, even if that really isn’t the case. Lee Everett is one of the best characters ever created, and his relationship with Clementine is done so well that you’ll be reaching for tissues in the final frame. The Walking Dead is a thrilling, character driven, fright-fest that shouldn’t be missed.

*Thanks for reading the third part to my Month of Evil series! Hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments if you played and what you thought of The Walking Dead. Look for my final Month of Evil (Part 5) later tonight before October comes to a close! Come watch me stream these games live on my Twitch Channel: ValhallaX27!

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