Onward with VX27Gaming

In an effort to strengthen my online presence going forward, I’ve decided to start publishing content under VX27Gaming. When I thought up my PSN gamer-tag years ago I didn’t imagine I’d be trying to create a brand around it, but here I am now in the early stages of a blog, Twitch and Youtube Channel.

Progress on Twitch since I started last February has been great, I’ve had several views and a good amount of followers that come to watch on a regular basis. My work is cut out for me to provide the experience that I want to for my viewers and producing content for both the VX27Gaming blog and Youtube Channel is a big step in the right direction.


  • Daily streams on ValhallaX27
  • Daily blog posts on VX27Gaming: reviews, previews, and daily news
  • Uploaded content to Youtube Channel VX27Gaming

So thanks for viewing VideoGameSage during it’s incredibly short lifetime, but I think this is a much better direction that will allow me to produce content on all fronts while keeping a consistent brand across the board.

The tricky part is making the time to get it all done, but stick with me and I’ll see it through. On to Valhalla!

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